Regular Sessions

All authors presenting a paper should contact their session Chair or Co-Chair at least 20 minutes before the session starts. Please hand a short CV (a few lines) to your session Chair or Co-Chair, upload your presentation in the session computer if you want to use it (this option is preferred as it will minimize the time to set-up your presentation).

Oral Session Room Facilities

Multi-media LCD projectors and PC computers with Windows XP Professional (Spanish version), Microsoft Office XP (Spanish version) are available in all oral regular session rooms and plenary halls. In all rooms electricity is supplied at 220 V, 50 Hz AC. (Please, notice that overhead projectors for transparent sheets will NOT be available).

Oral Presentation

If you are using your own laptop, check that the configuration of your laptop is compatible with the session LCD projector before the session starts.

If you are not using your own laptop, please read this note carefully.

Only presentations for PC's (Windows 98/2000/NT/XP configurations) will be accepted, (no MAC, no UNIX / LINUX will be available). Please prepare your presentation either as a:
  1. pdf file (Acrobat Reader 7.0 installed on all PCs), or
  2. Power Point presentation (generated by Power Point version 97, 98, 2000 or XP).
The following information concerns Power Point users:

If you have pictures included in your presentation, they must be in one of the following format: .jpg, .gif, .tiff, or .bmp (format .pict is not supported).

If you have video files attached to your Power Point presentation, they must be in the following format: .mpg, .mpeg, .avi. The format .mov (Quick Time) is NOT supported. If you have such files, please export them in .avi format. The new compressed format DIV 4 and over cannot be accepted. And do not forget, when saving your final presentation to make sure to include your video files if any and all links to these multimedia files!

Please, save the presentation on 3.5'' floppy disk (high density formatting, 1.44 MB), CD, or on USB Flash Disk.

Presentations made in localized software environments (e.g. national character sets, fonts, etc,) may be displayed incorrectly under Spanish version of Windows. Many potential problems can be avoided if your presentation is in *.pps format instead of *.ppt format.

Your computer file must be handed over to the CDC-ECC'05 personnel present in the room where your presentation will be held or to your session Chair or Co-Chair, at least 20 minutes BEFORE the beginning of each session.

Instructions for Session Chairs/Co-Chairs