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Advance Registration for CDC-ECC05 will begin 1st of August and will continue through 31st October. Advance registration is highly recommended: It saves you money, it saves you time, it helps us to better plan the conference, and it prevents unnecessary cancellations of pre-conference tutorial workshops.

 Advance   On-site   Workshop 
(Full day)
(Half day)
Regular 500 € 600 € 195 € 150 €
Student/Retiree 250 € 300 € 95 € 75 €

Conference banquet is included in the Regular Registration. VAT is not included.

One regular registration fee at the advance registration rate must be paid by one of the authors before uploading the final version of the paper for inclusion in the conference proceedings. The Student/Retiree conference registration is not a "regular registration fee." In other words, with a Student/Retiree registration, you cannot upload a paper.

Registration must be performed on-line at:

To register ON-LINE:

On-line registration will be available till the day of the conference. To avoid delays while registering on-site please register on-line at  before coming to the conference.

Registration package

All conference attendees must register. Personal badges will be provided to identify registered participants. All registered participants will receive a CD-ROM containing the conference proceedings, book of abstracts and a special issue of the European Journal of Control containing the plenary, semi-plenary and tutorial papers.  Full registration also includes the Conference Banquet on Wednesday, December 14.

Registration desk will be open at the venue during the following periods:

Registration Desk Hours



December 10

 18:00 20:00


December 11

10:00 12:00


December 11

 15:00   17:30


December 12

 8:00  17:30


December 13

 8:00  17:30


December 14

 8:00  17:30


December 15

 8:00  15:00


Payment Options

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The preferred way of payment is by CREDIT CARD.

Those who are absolutely unable to do it this way, can use CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS. An extra 20 euros have to be added to cover administration handling costs. To pay by CHECK or MONEY ORDER, you should first register on-line for the conference as described above. Indicate when you register which type of payment you are using. The on-line system will generate an e-mail acknowledgement at the time of payment. PRINT the e-mail acknowledgement and MAIL it along with your CHECK or MONEY ORDER payable to AICIA-CDCECC05 to the Conference Finance Co-Chair, Prof. Miguel A. Ridao ( at,

Miguel A. Ridao
Escuela Superior de Ingenieros
Camino de los descubrimientos s/n
41092 Seville, SPAIN.

Purchase orders, bon de commandes, promissory notes, bank transfers, etc., will not be accepted.

Refund Policy

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If an author has uploaded a paper using his/her registration, the registration will not be refunded, even if the paper is withdrawn. Those who pre-register and later find they cannot attend the conference may request a refund of the advance registration fee(s). For requests received before the Advance Registration deadline (October 31, 2005), 90% of the fee will be refunded. Requests received between October 31, 2005 and December 1, 2005 will get a 50% refund. There will be no refunds for requests received after December 1, 2005.


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The CDC-ECC05 paper format MUST BE FOLLOWED EXACTLY, and the submitted pdf files must conform to the compliance requirement given in the instructions, otherwise the paper will not be included in the proceedings. Please check the final pdf file carefully. An Author's Kit with instructions, tips, templates, and style files is available at

Guidelines for submitting a manuscript
DO NOT use password protection in the PDF file.

  • All fonts, including the standard (base) fonts, must be embedded and subsetted in the PDF. If using one of the job options files from IEEE (link provided below) a PDF file is not created unless all the fonts are embedded and subsetted.
  • In "Settings ->Job Options ->Compression" of Distiller set the downsampling resolution to 600 dpi for monochrome, 300 dpi for grayscale, and 300 dpi for color.
  • For your convenience a thorough instruction how to set up Distiller job options (settings) in Acrobat 6, Acrobat 5, and Acrobat 4 can be accessed from or directly from a PDF document located here.
  • Once the PDF file is created they must not be saved with either Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.

Page Overlength Fees

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Papers exceeding the 6 page limit will be published in the Proceedings only after payment of a page overlength fee of
150€/page. With the overlength, the maximum page limit is 8 pages.


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Please notice that citizens of certain countries may require a Visa to travel to Spain. Attendees are recommended to contact their nearest Spanish consulate for visa and additional documentation requirements.